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The First Rayce and Manny Debate

This is a debate I had with my good friend Manny, and it was just too good to let sit on Face book. Check out “The United”, the hip hop group he used to be in, really talented guys, and good friends of mine from highschool. Here’s a link to their video

  • Manny Mendes Have you thought about writing professionally Rayce?Monday at 9:23pm · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza yeah, some day in the future. I have so many things I want to do professionally, I have to choose one and focus, or else I get nothing doneYesterday at 12:01am · Like
  • Manny Mendes its a shame having to choose isnt it :/Yesterday at 12:35am · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza lol, it is. then agian, maybe I just need to manage my time betterYesterday at 12:39am · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza can do atleast two thingsYesterday at 12:39am · Like
  • Manny Mendes I always was confused when people told me i had to choose one thing and stick to it. Dont you feel like thats infinite potential…squandered?Yesterday at 12:41am · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza I don’t mean choosing one thing over one lifetime, I mean choosing one thing to do at a time, like over a year or a few months. I’d like to learn an instrument and record some music, but I also want to do a whole bunch of paintings and two comic series. I gotta focus on one at a time. I don’t think humans were meant to choose over the span of 80 years either, the Bible says God put eternity in our hearts, In the beginning God made it so that we had the perfect environment to have infinite potential and creativity, and my hope lies in the fact that he’ll restore it to that. Thats why I want to make art that gets people to heaven, art that spreads the gospelYesterday at 12:46am · Like
  • Manny Mendes Me and you where told two different things. I was told i was intelligent, and well spoken but not enough to become great. Everyday im slowly beginning to see the school system that programmed me, did so, to make me fail. Pfft, fools.Yesterday at 12:48am · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza oh yeah, the school system is more controlled than we know. Thats another thing Ron Paul wants to shut down, the department of education. I was told your on a road to no where if you dont have a college degree. Have you seen the film college conspiracy? Highly recommend it. It pretty much got me to not go to school this year, atleast for a time. I even found some online schools that aren’t acredited but probably teach me more than regular highly expensive schools where I can get a fancy piece of paper. 1000 dollars a class. all art classes.Yesterday at 12:57am · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza chool.php?id=7 here, maybe you’d be interestedSchoolism www.schoolism.comYesterday at 12:57am · Like ·
  • Manny Mendes Yeah i’ve been looking for workshop based schools because book classes wont teach me jack. But knowing, that people are going through these lies, completely ignorant, wether by choice or unknown, is ridiculous to me. I dont understand, the balance of power is tipping and its going ina bad direction.Yesterday at 12:59am · Like
  • Manny Mendes thanks for the linkYesterday at 12:59am · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza has been for years. a deliberate conspiracy they’re not even quiet about. I took a bunch of humanities classes, and even though I learned a lot, I could of probably learned way more on my own. Not to mention my ridiculous biology class, with outdated “evidence” for evolution that’s been proven wrong. And couldn’t have debate, couldn’t question the literature, or scientists. Couldn’t look at Creationist material and test weather its true or not. Nope, in a science class, where gonna do the unscientific thing and simply tell you what to thinkYesterday at 1:03am · Like
  • Manny Mendes Honestly Rayce, and i dont mean to offend you, i dont quite give a damn about our creation. Im curious to an extent, but our future is the most concerning. I find these debates of Creation Vs Evolution, quite honestly, finger-wagging distraction from real obvious problems. Sub cia companies own FB, The Banks are owned by corrupted goverment officials, and people blame the goverment. The goverment is the people. Without realizing it, we’re blaming ourselves for the problems we’re too busy to solveYesterday at 1:09am · Like
  • Manny Mendes So wwhile my fellow man is starving in the street, should i debate wether god made him to starve or wether nature made him a poor hunter? I think i shoulda bought him a sandwich insteadYesterday at 1:10am · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza I was using that as an example for school being anti-critical thinking. I think both issues are important. You need a logically consistent reason why you should help out the poor man. If evolution is true, if atheism is true, then man being poor is neither right nor wrong, evil as a category doesn’t even exist. Not saying that an atheist could help out the poor man, or that even religion and religious people are always good, they can be the worst people in the world. the point is, you have no good reason to help people out, and if a society is taught that world view, they’re more likely to not help others out. But the stronger connection with evolution, is that these elites that rule everything, are not just occultists, but they’re eugenicists, which is basically Darwinian evolution put into political practice. Hitler was trying to get rid of the jews, because he believed it was survival of the fittest, and even though he was a mess of occult and atheist ideas, you can see old Natzi propaganda videos where they talk about “violating the laws of Non-contradiction” and they show clips of mentally retarded people calling them “lower than any beast”. These ideas dont come from a society that believes in human rights. Yet, American Darwinists inspired Hitler. They did horrible things too, but they did them in secret over here. Hitler was too out in the open23 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza and I can make the same case for Eastern religions too, where life is simply a balance of good and evil, so if evil does happen, we just call it life balancing itself out. The Hindu cant complain because its Karma. Logically, you should just let someone suffer because they’ll pay off their karma fast. Buhddism’s whole philosophy is that life is suffering, and you just have to get rid of desire in order to beat it.23 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza thats violating the law of Natural Selection, not non-contradiction. fingers dont do what my brain tells them22 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Again, i already understand the difference between right and wrong.. And wrong is letting people die simply because they dont have what i have. I dont need a goverment, a religion, school, or anything else to tell me that. Thats what people hve forgtten, their inheritan good. we’vr brrn molded to ignore it.13 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza sure, the law is written on our hearts, morality predates any holy book, including the Bible. Problem is, in any other world view, as I explained, good and evil don’t even exist as categories. If all we are are a bunch of chemicals, then life is just a series of meaningless acts. If God is all and all is God, then God is both good and evil, so theirs no reason to get morally upset at anything. Only in Judiasm, CHristianity, and Islam does good and evil exist, and only in protestant Christianity is all the other, extra questions answered, that we could talk about sometime. But I’m not saying you cant be good on your own, I’m saying you cant be perfect on your own, nobody can. and even though you have inherit good you have inherit evil as well, a result of the fall, not of God creating you that way. Only Jesus, was was God, who was perfect, and who died as an innocent sacrifise for our sins, can you enter a heaven. Its God’s ultimate love, and his ultimate punishement. People always want to know why God wont stop suffering, he already put that on Christ. Its us who have to realize that and find we have no good reason to hurt one another. No other religion has those reasons. Reasons even based in acctual historical events. I know I made a lot of claims there, and you’d have to do your own research to know what I’m talking about when I say “evidence”, but I’m just trying to say, thats the only world view your morality makes sense7 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Rayce, you have my respect, you explain your views, while sticking by them without pushing them on people. If it weren’t for the fact that most people need more than faith, i’d personally ask you to work towards a position of power. But power corrupts, so do what you can. Who knows, you may even make a bigger bang with your art Renaissance man.4 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza thanks. I’m definitely someone who doesn’t want to be a leader or in a position of power, but it feels like God is calling me to start something big. I definitely think you need more then faith, if thats what you mean, its just not every question is answered, by any world view. Christianity just has the most important questions answered, while some of the smaller details may be a little cloudy. Other world view dont answer the important questions, but answer all the little ones. and they even contradict. So I say it like this “I trust God in what I dont know (faith) because I can trust him in what I can know”. The reason But I do it out of wanting people to come to heaven with me, so I hope you’ll make that desision some day, if you already haven’t. I’m gonna do a Christian apologetics group soon, hopefully you can some. I’ll give you a big list of information soon too that has links to site that give all the evidence for the Bible and stuff like that, if your interested2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes As far as religion goes,my relationship with God is a personal one, and very simple. Thank him for the good, ask for the strength to handle the bad. I’d rather not have others involved, not to be selfish or self righteous. I hope you understand.2 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza your own God? Or the Triune God of the Bible? Theres a big difference2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes god is a title used for whatever creates and watches.2 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza God to the hindu is competely different. God is everything, and everything is God. An impersonal force of the universe. Thats many of the Eastern religions. Your talking about a theistic God. So its either God of the Bible, father son and holy spirit, or its Allah, or its neither2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Well then, im talking about the force of creation and balance then. God is a word. The force behind the word is unfathomable.2 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza is God a person, or an impersonal force?2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes It could be neither, it could be both. Who’s to say?2 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza cuz if theirs no person in the cause, there cant be a person in the effect. You, then, are not Manny, your not a person. Your just a rain drop going into the ocean2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Your saying im a piece of the force and that Im a piece of God, which is why he loves us. Correct?2 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza there is no HE, just one big I. Your no different then your enemie. its all an expression of the divine. Its called pantheism, very different from theism. If you logically follow it, its contradictory, at its core. Because the poor, uneducaSee More2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes He is a programmed expression, i dont actually believe in a difference between the two. I do however, believe there is a man and there is the force that created us, i dont believe in hell and heaven is a beautiful idea, but its an opinion fSee More2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes To answer your question, in light terms; my God is Balance.2 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza so if there is too much good, we gotta balance it out and let some evil happen. This is why they have cast systems in India2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Good and evil are opinions.2 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza is that an opinion, or do I except that as a universal truth2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Its an opinion, which fuels my point. Nothing is true. Everything is an inception of man. I have my opinion of what is right, it creates me, and justifies who i am. But there is an darkside to me, i do wrong as well, such is my personal balSee More2 hours ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza you just siad nothing is true, but you said that as a truth. If I say there is no such thing as truth, then what I just said has to be true, and if its not, then there is truth.2 hours ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes I think we have reached origin. 0_oabout an hour ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes the only other place for this conversation to go, is the basis of reality.about an hour ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza reached origin?about an hour ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Its a saying i use when i get to the point of cycle, where you cant get past your current topic because it contradicts itself in a loopabout an hour ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza ok, if you want to continue, whats your explination for the basis of reality?about an hour ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza you see now that there is truth, so some things can be falseabout an hour ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes I see that there is good and there is evil, and there is a difference between the two, that IF there is an absolute truth that it eludes us. So the closest thing that i have to truth is my balance. But my basis of reality comes from the understanding my senses grant me. A blind man’s perception on sound grants him a different reality than mine, but a reality for him nonethelessabout an hour ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza so good and evil is in a balance?about an hour ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes No, as i said before, good and evil are opinions, if a man builds a damn he’s doing it for the good of his people, but he suffocates the fish downstream. Balance is cause and effect, not good and evil.about an hour ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza you dont need to argue for cause and effect. its nessisary. I argue, that if good and evil are just subjective opinions, then absolute, objective moral values dont exist. So to chop up a baby is only wrong if you think it is, rather than being wrong all the time, by anyone, at anytimeabout an hour ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes I think its wrong, But does the one holding the knife think so? Hitler and millions of Germans thought they where right. We don’t. Its what we consider “evil” and and my opinion, it is. But to them it was right.about an hour ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza so why should we punish anyone? Where does justice make sense, if people think they’re doing right, we cant really fault themabout an hour ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Justice is a fabrication of society. Remove society and we wouldnt even have this conversation. We’d be trying our hardest to survive in a harsh world. right and wrong as we know it wouldnt exist.about an hour ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza so you cant complain about the government then, they might be doing what they think is right. you cant complain or get mad about anything. You have no reason to change anything for the better. thats just the way it is. what if you were on trial? would you say “Its ok judge, justice doesn’t exist anyways, even though I’m innocent, it wont matter if you find me guilty”59 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Its a choice, i choose to do what i think is right. They’re doing what they think is right also, but it doesnt mean i have to agree.57 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza so you or anyone else just does things, calls them either right or wrong, but ultimately, there is no absolute right and wrong that everyone has to follow54 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Yup50 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Sad, i guess there is no inherint good.50 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza but thats not how you or anyone else talks or lives. You dont strike me as someone who would beleiv that especially. If there is no morality, you cant make any moral statements, yet everyone does. Theirs no foundation or any kind of society, or any code of ethics. America is nothing special. Although, this could be true, its extremely unlikely it is. Reality screams out against such ideas46 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza if there is no right, you cant have human rights either, so these elites aren’t wrong either45 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes A quote from George Carlin: “There are no rights folks, we made them up. Like the boogie man.” Everything is perception Rayce. What we choose to do has repercussions, cause and effect. How your ripples effect the world and how people percieve those ripples is ultimately up to them. So i suppose we can agree that the only undeniable truth, is choice.42 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza who says choice is right or wrong?42 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes The act of choosing. Not the choice itself.41 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza but there is not right or wrong, so you cant even say choice is right. When George Carlin says that statement, he automatically assumes it have meaning, and that its good to speak his mind, so in denying moral absolutes, he confirms them at the same time. its another contradiction39 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes No its not, because the world owes us nothing. We created morals and formed a bar set for ourselves. Majority rules so these practices are followed. This became our good and our bad, our rich and our poor. It became society. And people wondSee More34 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza I’m not saying you dont have a choice, I’m saying you have no way of knowing weather choosing anything is right at all29 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Im at a precarious place, i could say your right, but you may not be, i could say true, but nothin is except the choice to reply or remain silent.27 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes e have reached origin three times in this conversation27 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza anyone can choose to believe whatever they want, but if you want to get to the truth, and know what we should believe, then you need to test those ideas for logical consistency, and I’ve looked at pretty much every religion and philosophy oSee More22 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes And your entitled to that choice. So has this conversation, in its entirety raised no question you previously didnt have?20 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza then I could just say thats your opinion that I’m entitled to that choice, really no one is entitled to any choice. and no, I’ve heard it all before, and I’ve worked through it all. The question is are you comfortable with that world view, See More13 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Im pretty comfortable with the choices i make, because i know they’ll have what people consider positive repercussions. So in my mind, as well as everyone else’s im a good person. How i perceive this good, although convaluted and winded out, is still good to me as well as you. So although we’re taking different roads we’re ending up in the same place.11 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza not at all, I’m saying there is a road, and I try my best to walk it, your saying there is no road, but I walk it9 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes There is a road, i pave it with every choice i make and every word i use. You cant walk my road and i cant walk yours its how it is.7 minutes ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Good talk Rayce. Reaaaaalllly good talk.7 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza can I post it on my blog? post it on yours. and the road is an anology for moral values, both right and wrong. Your argument is there is no ultimate right and wrong, but I live as if there is, my argument is that there is an ultimate right and wrong, so I should live as if there is2 minutes ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza because there is*about a minute ago · Like
  • Manny Mendes Have at it dude. I always appreciate flexin my minda few seconds ago · Like
  • Rayce Rapoza ok, cool

My Painting of Ron Paul

Here’s my website if your intersted in any other artwork I’m doing

It’s September 2011, and it’s one of the most important times in human history. The battle between good and evil is raging back and fourth, not only in America, but through out the world. We are standing at a cross roads, and soon, everyone’s going to have to make a decision, between life and death.

Now as a Christian, that’s accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, and I still believe that’s the ultimate decision for any individual, but here, I’m applying it to America itself being at a cross roads., the life and death of our nation laid out before us. History has slowly led up to this point, but after September 11th 2001, the destruction accelerated. Our fear of that day repeating caused us to trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and give up our freedoms for so called “security”. It made us ignorant, which caused scares in our society that are still not stitched back together; The supposed revenge we took with our foreign policy has caused a false sense of pride that has overwhelmed us and our economy; and our Republic, which so many died for, has fallen. At some point, we have to be honest with ourselves; we have to have some humility, and if we want America to have a future, we need to choose the road that leads to life. I believe that that road to life for America is in the 2012 presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

I’m paraphrasing here, but Alex Jones said on his radio show one day “I don’t believe God is real, I KNOW God is real, and I know divine providence when I see it. And God has given us this humble Doctor. He’s giving us a choice”. Alex is absolutely right, God is giving us a choice. God has raised this man up for this moment, just like he raises all of us up for special moments of our own. God’s given the privilege to Dr. Paul to fulfill a tremendous destiny; to change the course of history.

Bringing the troops home and ending all the meaningless wars; fixing our broken economy by getting back on the Gold and silver standard; ending the federal reserve; ending the failed war on drugs; ending murderous abortion laws; Bringing Health Care back to the private sector. Not to mention his perfectly Constitutional voting record, and never voting to raise taxes. No other candidate compares. But most importantly, the ideas Ron Paul upholds is something all Americans should uphold if they want to continue to call America a free country to live and prosper in.

The next generation will ask us what we did when all this was going on, when history was being made. I want to be able to show them this painting. I surprised myself with how good it came out, and I’ve never been more proud about a piece of artwork that I’ve done. I wanted to reveal it this day, as the Revolution PAC is raising money for the resistance. The image is free for anyone to use. I won’t be making money off it. I believe, that if Ron Paul is elected, we can take steps towards saving our currency. We can get back on the Gold standard, and have something of real value. So this painting, and me spreading the word will, hypothetically, make me all the money I can possibly make in the future.

God Bless you Ron Paul, thanks for giving America hope. Your right where God wants you to be. I pray we answer the call, and pass the test God is giving us. Amen


Pain Questions

How do you know God’s will for your life? Its a question I’m completely stumped by. I can answer all kinds of apologetic questions, discuss philosophy and logic, but I cant understand how I’ll know God’s will for my life. I’m frustrated that I don’t know, and if I could know, what if its something I don’t want to do? Then I have to face either turning away from God, or reluctantly doing what He wants me to do. But even then, what if theirs more than one way I could go, how do I know which one will be the best way? Theirs so many directions I’d like to go in life, which one do I take? I know I want to spread the gospel, that’s most important to me. I know God already knows what I’m gonna choose. I know that when I die, I’m going to heaven. I know, I know, I know. I know every encouraging thing a fellow Christian could tell me. What I want to know, is in which way do I walk the narrow road. What art form do I choose to communicate to people the gospel and other important truths? And if the answer is all the ways, both art forms ext., then do I do them all at once? One at a time? Which ones do I do first?

I guess life has times where your so uncertain. Where even the present is so foggy. The past is nearly gone and mostly unremembered, and the future is 100% unknown all the time. Not saying that it would be good to know the future, or that it be always good to remember all of your past, especially the bad parts. But in the present, I should be able to live it and engage it, but I’m not. I feel like I’m just letting it pass until it gets to somewhere important. But whats important? Are these times considered important by God? On one level, I see how the wilderness period is needed. You need times of trial and error, of making mistakes. You never learn any lesson from pleasure. But the question in the back of my mind is, why would God make it so I need to go through these trials and tribulations? And I know the answer to that. I’m pretty sure I think deeper than most people I know about these things. But in the midst of it, its agonizing emotionally. Like the dentist saying “this is gonna hurt” and all you can do is clamp down your eyes, grip the chair, shed a few tears, and just wait for it to be over. I understand it needs to be done, I understand its for my own good. But man, this hurts people. And this post was just me yelling out in pain.


The Agony of speaking out on 9/11 truth

Before you read my post, I’d like to offer a prayer for the victim’s families, and the first responders of 9/11.

Father in Heaven, I pray for your strength in this difficult time. Questions still aren’t answered, problems still havn’t been solved. People are still suffering from that day. Lord, you know exactly what happened, you know exactly who did this, and you’ll make sure they wont get away with it. I pray for justice. Justice for the victims and their families. Justice for the first responders. Please Lord, don’t let their suffering go unnoticed. I pray for resolve Lord.

In Jesus Name, Amen

Its the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and I think most people are now aware that everything that happened that day was not properly investigated. There needs to be a new investigation. I’ve held this view since 2009, and a long with the reality of the New World Oder Conspiracy to destroy this country, its been one of the most frustrating truths to enter into my life. Everyone should know it, but its not fun to know. Everyone should be aware of the propaganda, but its sickening to observe. In addition, people should be getting active, marching on Washington DC and peacefully protesting until the members Congress and the white house are arrested. Obama is selling our country down the drain, as Bush and Chany did for 8 years. Satan has organized his followers to bring earth under his control. The Off shore banking families, like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, literally worship satan, and they have accumulated enough power to buy and control entire countries. All the elite banking families and corporations work together towards a single purpose. And one of the most crucial steps in their plan, was September 11, 2001.

The TRUTH is, 9/11 was an inside job. Its agonizing to say out loud. This is what my post is about, the agony of speaking out on this. It comes from a Martin Luther King speech, as he spoke out on Vietnam. What a meaningless, disasterous war. Its already been declassified that the gulf of tancun was staged, the event that brought us into the war. I’m guessing Martin Luther King didn’t know this, but he still spoke out on it. He recognized the event was not enough to bring about such a voilent, death filled reaction. But it was agonizing to speak up. It would have been easier to stay in church, preaching the word. But he didn’t do that. Instead, he went to live out the Word. And he rallied his church to do the same, and bring about real change. TO say “No, my Bible says you cannot treat me this way. I will not let myself be dehumanized, but I wont dehumanize you with violence.” He used peaceful resistance, Jesus turning the other cheek. And it worked. He didn’t just read it, he didn’t just yell it from a pulpit, he practiced it. I don’t believe our churches are truly practicing its, we are just listening to it. And if we are living it, its very soft living. Instead of stitching up the wounds of society, where cleaning the blood. Where not even putting pressure on the wound.

Its always said to me, Rayce, Christians should not be involved in polotics. Jesus didn’t get into it. And then they quote Romans 13, saying that to obey authority is to obey God. Really? I have a question, what if your authority is Adolf Hilter? What if your authoirty is the king of Babylon? What if authoirty tells you to bow down to golden idols. Do you listen to authority then? Are you obeying God, by bowing down to an idol?

I want you to read Romans 13 very carefully, and listen to the description of those appointed by God. Phrases like “For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong” or “They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer” paint a picture of this “authority”. This authority acts according to God’s law. And in this country, we have the closest form of government that does just that. THe best court system in the world. Bringing people to justice, human rights, our many freedoms in the Bill of rights, only make sense in the Christian world view. Otherwise, there is no foundation for these concepts. 

So, why do I have an issue with people using this verse as a reason to not go against government? Well, because this government has been high jacked. Our Constitutional republic is gone. The ideas still live in the culture, and some courts and judges still work, but for the most part, the public “servants” of America, are slowly but surely destroying this country. Like I said, the ideas only exist in the culture, but the system has abandoned those ideas, destroyed those ideas, and the evidence is found in our many headlines. The ones ususally swept under the rug by a media owned by the same entities destroying the country.

Our courts are failing us. One of the worst crimes commited on American soil, which happened today, has had no trial, no court case, no thurogh investigation done. These are incredible times. This is the 11th hour of history’s cycle. Just like man’s sinfull nature  cuases him to go in a circle, that same sin causes his history to go in a circle. 9/11 was the beginning of the 11th hour. The destruction of our civili liberites was done in its name. We are less safe then we were before, but not from muslim terrorists. We aren’t safe from our own government.

In this blog, I write off the top of my head, and reading this back, I’m going all over the place. But I cant help going off into so many different directions, because its all connected. I came from another fustrated exchange with my family about the issue, and my fustration led me to write this. They all think I’m ridiculous for beleiveing it. They either laugh at me, or tell me to leave them alone about it. I try to talk about it with friends, but instead of checking out any of the links I gave them, the just want to endlessly debate the issue, asking question after question without knowing any of the facts, trying to stump me in some way, and convince me I’m being decieved. After a while, I just get tired of it. People have to do their own research. I cant get evereything out in one talk. Its increidbly complicated. And I have to admit, that I’m fatiuged from it all. Part of me says I should be telling people the gospel, rather than that. I should be focusing on what God wants for them, rather than what the devil wants for them. And its a struggle within me, because I believ both are too important to be silent about.

This is another long winded post by me about 9/11. I did one earlier, and provided some links to the films, so go back and check them out if you like. I still hope you found it important in some way or another. I just like to get people thinking, theres not enough of it these days.


Nightmares are more than just imagination

I haven’t done a post in a while, and I’m getting ready to release some art work for Ron Paul’s campaign that will hopefully get me more readers. Right now I know of two or three people reading this. This post is gonna be a little weird, I’m all about facts and reason and applying that to my faith in God. Answering the skeptics and studying Christian apologetics. Studying history and all that. This is an experience of mine, and its something I cant really prove, you just have to take my word for it.

I’ve never had expiriences of “parnormal activity” or anything you see on Ghost Hunters. From a Christian perspective, those are demonic spirits manipulatiing people. Theres nothing in the Bible about the souls of the descesed roaming around looking for help or hanging out with kids that have a sixth sense. Satan comes as an angel of light, and many of the angels he took with him from heaven can still take on heavenly appearances, as well as evil ones. Then again, not everything is paranormal, there can be rational, scientific explinations for such expiriences. As G.K. Chesterton explained, the Christian can except both natural and supernatural explanations. But the naturalist cant except anything supernatural. His world view keeps him from following the evidence where it leads.

My expirience is with nightmares. And I get chills as I think about this, as I’m about to wright it down. Everyone’s had nightmares, mostly from watching Freddy and Jason as kids. Friends have told me about their nightmares, and they usually mention its from some kind of horror movie. So theres an origin to this, weather its the brain doing it, or if the movie opened the door to some kind of spirit, either is possible. My problem is, atleast when I was very young, I didn’t watch horror movies. My parents didn’t let me. Yet, I still had nightmares.

Without seeing Freddy or Jason, I had scary, demonic dreams. Ones with my family looking like they’re possesed, ones with very thick, dark atmospheres. One of them I still remember to this day, and a lot of the normal dreams I have now I usually forget 5 minutes after I wake up. But this dream still plays in my head, having a great impact on my young life.

The question for the skeptic is, even if you say that this is simply from the brain, nuerons firing off in your head as you sleep, how does material conger up something like this? I mean, first of all, materialism (aka Naturalism), which says all that exists is the material world, is an idea, and is therfore not part of the material world. So ideas, metaphysics, mathematics cant even exist with that view. So how in the world, does the brain just creat a nightmare out of an electrical signal/chemical reaction? Or any conscience thought for that matter.

And how would phycologists explain this? I didn’t have much to work from to spontaniously see this while I slept. I didn’t watch Freddy or Jason, they didn’t make a cameo appearance in my dreams like my friend’s had. This had to be something spiritual, something with a demonic source.

But I’ve had recent expiriences, once that were more than just spooky, atmospheric nightmares. These ones I am either awake, or in some lighter form of sleep, like when I wake up and try to go back to sleep. Chills again, yikes.

The first one came when I was laying down after school, closing my eyes and resting. No sound playing. I was getting over a bad, depressing thought pattern at the time, cant really recall the excat thought, but as I began to have it, I shut it down right away. “No, I’m not going to think about that” like I was putting my foot down. Well, something didn’t like that, and I began to hear whispers in my right hear. I felt a presence, and I couldn’t move. I was being opressed by something, and it wasn’t friendly.

My mom had told me about and experience of hers like this one. Expiriences where she couldn’t move, couldn’t wake up. My friends even told me the same thing had happening to him. My mom mentioned that when she said the name of Jesus, this presence went away, and she would wake up. I remembered this, and I recognized this was some kind of demonic force, so I invoked the name of Jesus. But I was so paralyzed, I couldn’t even say it, I barely mouthed it out, and yet, it still worked. I couldn’t see this thing, but I could feel it moving away from me. Even the sound of it slowly diminished.

It was the first close encounter I had with something like that. The first one where I was councience, fully awake to remember it. I know I had more like it since then, both awake and sleeping. But the one I had this morning, this one is probably the worst, its the most disturbing, and I acctually have some symbolic and historical references for it.

I’ll explain the event first, then what I realized as I looked back in retrospect. I woke up late, as I always did, and was still tired, so I went back to bed, as I always do. Even if its at noon or afternoon, I still give in to the heaviness of my eyes and go back to sleep. A bad habit I need to fix.

So anyways, it was mildly dark in my room, the only light coming from the small window in the corner. I didn’t know if I was sleeping, or if I was awake, because this took place in my room. It was as if I was laying down, looking in front of me, and there appeared a man. This man began to speack, and for some reason, he was presenting himself as Jesus. That was the though that went into my head, is this really the Lord, I asked myself. And I didn’t really make out all of what he said, but it was something to the effect of “You never come to me with your problems, you dont trust me”. But as one part of me was believing this was God, another part was saying, this cant be him. Some of the features came into focus as he looked towards the window, and he didn’t have a realistic human face. It was like an old Greek or Egyptian drawing. His hiar was designy, like wavy sun rays. and then he turned to me, as I began to realize this wasnt Christ. And his face looked down close at me, his hands out, like he was about to cariac my cheecks, and he began speaking in another language. As soon as this happened, I said “NO!” out loud, and woke up.

I was freaked out for a little bit, then I ended up resting my eyes again, and had another attack, one I have a harder time remembering, but after that, I figured it was time to get up.

Heres what I realized after this expirience. I had been watching a series on Youtube called “Know Your Enemy”. Its about the New World Order from a Christian perspective. It goes through the entire history of the occult, and its incredible influence in history. One deliberatly kept secret by free masonry and other secret societys. Satan has organized himself incredibly well since the beginning. The occult philosophys, ideas and symbols have been around since Ancient Babylon. Its a whole lot to go into, the series has 76. 5-10 minute parts. Its worth watching, 2 or 3 a day, but I suggest watching the first 10, and even watching some in chunks, as some are more related than the others. I’ll link to this one as its related to my dream

If you watched the video, you’ll see that Alice first thought this person was Jesus, then later identified him as Koot Hoomi. In the video he says it reaffirmes the concept that Satan comes as an angel of light. This is very similar to my expirience, although being a Christian, and having a relationship with God, this is something He reveiled to me quicker. It didn’t happen for Alice, she was ultimatly decieved, and as you can see, helped in forming the occult loving United Nations.

Also, the satanic symbols and concepts of the occults where discussed in the series. Remember I said his hair was like sun rays, and his face was something like you would see on a sun with a face on it. Something similar to Greek drawings as I said. Well, this is the symbol for the Sun God. Nimrod, king of anceint Babylon, was worshiped as the sun God. Nimrod can be called Satan’s first real puppet, starting the first false mystery religion that all false religions stem from. Watch “Know your enemy” and it will go into the different symbols and concepts that are repeated in every single relgion EXCEPT for Judiasm and Christianity. It safe to say then, that anytime you see a sun with a face, you can trace it back to a satanic influence. This is what I expirienced.

So, the physical, historical proof of the devil’s influence is there. Even Evolution was first the idea of pagean myths, and then the idea of Darwin’s free mason uncle. Darwin just made it sound scientific, its really just the enlightenment idea of mad becoming God dressed up in science, which is a legitamte method of discovery, but this isn’t. The origin of life still isn’t figured out, its based purely on faith. And if you dont know what Eugenics is, look it up. Most people have no idea, yet it should be taught in schools. It drove the holocaust, and it is the LOGICAL OUTWORKING of not just the evolutionary world view, but it’s very own root, the masonic, occult religion of Babylon. America has its fair share of horror too, prepare to be shocked if you go and acctually do the research.

But its not just the history, its not just the symbols and the same ideas in all the false relgions. There is expiriential evidence, from people today and throughout history. Surely, not all of these expiriences can be the power of a material brain. I would be convinced alone by the history of the occult, but I am now even more convinced of it from these expiriences. We are in a war. This spiritual war is ongoing. We are in the middle of it. We need to fight it. It could be that God allows something like this to happen to you, just so you can see how real the war is. Then again, if you open many doors to spirits, God wont save you from those consiquences. There are probably many doors in my life I need to close now, and ones I need to open. A better prayer life, and less voilent or scary movies/games. Then again, these things have always seemed to come after coming back to God after a long withdrawel from seeking and worshipping him on a daily basis. Thank God I’m on the winning team though. I couldn’t imagine having something like what I just saw dwelling in me like many modern day witches do. I’ve heard some of the Global elite even do powerfull gateway drugs that just open them to pure demonic possession. The war is more real then we know people, Expriences like these are just what we have to deal with, but we have a God who will use it for good, someway, somehow. Someone might read this, thinking an expirence like mine was good for them, but now they’re questioning it. Was that really Jesus I saw and heard? Its a scary thought to think the Devil can come like that, but it also makes sense. If he looked the way he does in pop culture, many people would probably not follow him.

Now that’s what I call important things with Rayce Rapoza, Godbless everyone.


Ravi Zacharias, the man God used to change my life

I write this after listening to a new message from Ravi Zarcharias on his radio program, Let My People Think. I am crying, because Ravi’s words, and voice, and delivery always make me cry. They remind me of God’s goodness. They remind me of the hope we have. They remind me of the beautiful simplicity of the Gospel message, but also the deep, complicated dynamics of it.

Ravi Zacharias is a Christian Apologist, author, and theologian. He grew up in India, and had failed an attampt at suicide, when a missionary brought him a Bible, and asked his mother to read the words of Jesus “Because I live, you also shall live”. He gave his life to Christ, and walked out of the hospital a changed individual. Since then, he’s gone on to travel the world, and talk in forums and to religious groups only God could get him to. He’s dialoged with every world view, and treats them all with great love and respect, at the same time making the case for Christ and challenging their ideas. Much like Jesus would have done in our world today. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries now trains Christian apologists in the same way. Haveing them travel all around the world to deliver messages and conduct Q and As. It is probably the best, most authentic ministry running today. God just blazes through it, bringing his plan for salvation to every religion and people group imaginable.

His ministry was the thing that changed the course of my life. Getting into Christian Apologetics changed everything for me. It all began one night staying up late, as I always do, and haveing one of the Christian stations on. They were airing a Q and A session with Ravi at a university. College students were asking him their hardest questions, and he was giving them intelligent, beautiful answers. Things I had never heard before about defending the Bible, things I had never thought about before. Questions I had never asked myself, or others. After that, it was all over, I was awake, God began to do something amazing in my life.

I started to engage in what I believed. I soaked in everything I could. I listened to every talk I could find on Youtube, but then I saw Ravi had a daily and weekly radio program, that I could then download as an MP3 on his website. I went into the archives of the messages, and listened to all of them, waiting for new ones to pop up, listening to old ones if they reaired it. I was hooked, all while I was still in my 3rd year of high school. I then got into Creationism and got even more hardcore, but thats another post for another day.

God has worked through Ravi and the other apologists in his ministry to do an incredible work in my life. I believe Christian apologetics is just as important as knowing the Word and following it. Why should I follow it? How should I understand it? I dont just want to know THAT its true, I want to know WHY its true. I want to know the ins and outs of that book. I want to read it in its proper, historical context. I want to understand its claims, its philosophy, its history, its relation to all other world views. And I want to know those other world views, and see how they compare to the Gospel message. Are they better or worse? How are they similar, if they are at all. I want to think. I want to use my mind. Why cant I use reason, and logic, and science? Why is the Bible excluded from philosphy? Is it all science and logic and reason? No, some things you take on faith, but not everything is meant to be taken that way in the Bible. It should make sense, it should all fit together, it should be historically provable! Ravi Zacharias says it perfectly “God has left enough in this world, to make believing in him reasonable, but he’s left enough out, to make it impossible to live by reason alone”.

And I can tell you, one thing that fustrates me to no end, is that sometimes I hear Christians be little the importance of Apologetics. To make it less imortant than some other aspect of our faith. Its not true. You cant blindly believ something. If you dont have a solid foundation, one supported by facts and evidence, then the rest is just feel good preaching and philosophy. It can work out for a time, untile someone comes a long one day, and stumps you with a question like “What about the Dinosaurs?” or “why does God let bad things happen?” or even “How do you know anythings’ right or wrong?” If you cant answer those questions, then you might start to doubt the whole thing. And if you dont find the answers, you’ll almost certianly lose your beliefe in Christ. the house comes crummbling down without a foundation, and Satan loves to knock houses down with no foundation.

Another thing that frustrates me, is people’s unwillingness to really put the time and effort towards listening and understanding it all, and they end up saying things like “I’m too stupid, he uses a lot of big words” He uses a lot of big words that you don’t know? Then LOOK IT UP! Why do we choose to stay ignorant. Why cant the majority of American’s intention spans go longer than 5 minutes? A 14 year old in the 1700s would be smarter than your average college professor. Our standards have gone waaaaay down. This is something so important for your journey with God, and your on your i-phone, texting away. Its extremely hard to get kids to be pay attention and really understand difficult concepts. I’m told I have to dum it down, dum it down, and I’m not saying that’s wrong, its right, I do have to dum it down, I have to make it simpler so people can digest it better. But not only is that hard to do, its impossible with certain issues. Maybe its all in my head, but I think people walk away from a talk with me confused. And I cant do the information justice, I throw it up into a mess sometimes, just cuz I’m so overwhelmed by the understanding and knowledge and how it all connects. But I will say, that Learning about apologetics has cause me to learn more things than I did in all my school years and college years combined. All the information is free on the internet

I encourage you, if your reading this, and your either a Christian, and you want to know the answers to some of those questions, or if your still not sure, and your seeking out the answers, to go to the link below, click the archives, and look for a title that interests you. If there is anyone, to introduce you to true Christianity, its Ravi Zacharias.


9/11 truth is common sense

I want to capture the feeling I’m in right now, after watching this outstanding video

Its so incredibly powerful. I woke up to 9/11 truth in 2009. People like Alex Jones screamed about it being an inside job while it was happening, he even predicted it, you can look that up on Youtube. I saw it all unfold watching Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. After watching that show, I went to and got a real awakening to the New World Order.

But the phrase “9/11 was an inside job” is either a sick joke, or its a horrifing truth, and its easier to react to it as a lie congered up by cooks. But when you do the acctual research, when you listen to the victim’s families, when you see the first responders with gas tanks and buckets of medication, when you hear the testimony’s of experts, scientists, architechs and engineers. When you look at the acctual, observable, testiable, scientific evidence, and compare it to what the Government says, you can conclude, that something fishy is going on here. Something is BEING COVERED UP.

This video, is enough to convince people, but there is waaaaaay more evidence than just that. The Pentagon attack, and the twin towers all have things that are questionable, things that dont fit. Evidence that was not in the official story. The official story is a joke! This country cannot rest untile this is figured out.

And as for who did it, there is room to speculate, but from the evidence I’ve seen, those muslim terrorists were framed. The Bid Laden and Bushes were good friends. Yes, its hard to believe, its all insane, but truth is almost always stranger than fiction.

If you have read this, and your not convinced by my rant, or maybe even that video, I am going to direct you to 2 full length documentarys. These will leave no doubt in your mind, there needs to be a new investigation. The question is, are you going to see all this as a sick joke, which is extremely easy to do, or, are you going to face the horror. This is a horrifying truth, but it is the truth.

Loose Change has had 3 versions, its been out for a while now. Loose Change Final Cut is the best one, it goes over every aspect of that day. You’ll see video evidence, testimonys. It just goes on and on, its so fustrating. I pray to God you watch it and send it to others who still believ the official story

This second film is about the framing of the muslim terrorists, and the question to weather it was even Bin Laden who planned it  


A Blessing and Curse

I don’t know weather this is a blessing or a curse, but I move from one art form to the nest, one interest to the next, one form of entertainment to the next, and I don’t have enough time for it all.

I spent most of my early years drawing cartoons. Art in general was the thing I practiced at. Animation was something I got deep into, and I enjoyed my 90s cartoons more than most. I enjoy them even more today. I also, with out any guilt, cuz I was young, played lots and lots of videogames. I could sit there all day, and play a game for hours. I would wake up early, and the first thing I did, was turn on my Game Cube. Forget breackfest, it was game time.

Now, I’m overloaded with games, the market is overloaded with games. Long, story driven games, some like an interactive movie. But also tons of smaller arcade games to play, to practice at and get high scores. Theres too many of them. People dont have enough time to play them all. And if they do, they’re on welfare, which is contributing to the destruction of our nation.

I’m also overloaded with animation, both series and movies. I bought a bunch of Japanses Anime collections, cuz there was a big sale on Amazon. I always liked anime, but I never had the money to buy the DVDs. Even when I got a job I wasn’t willing to spend that much money. So I took advantage of this deal. and you know what? I havn’t watched 75% of those series box sets. Even some of the movies I’ve neglegted. Why the heck did you buy them if you werent gonna watch them you idiot? sigh….

Also, I love movies. I love classic movies, I could sit there with popcorn and soda and watch Turner Classic movies all day long. Some of those films are unforgettable. So many brilliant ones to see. They dont even compare to the movies of today. Its like film got worse over the years. But I could never dream of letting myself do that, when there’s so much other things I want (and NEED) to do.

I even like weird indie flims, when they’re good, sometimes they can be really bad. See, for me, I dont just sit there and be entertained. I dont just watch a movie for time to pass. I anylize them. The story, the characters, the philosphy they have, the message the film is trying to convey. The suttlties in the acting, and pacing of the events. I even took a film class in college, and now I anylize the cinemetogrophy. How the camera moves, how the actor it placed on the screen, the composition of it all. I wonder how they pulled something off, weather it be in the camera angle or the special effects. So if I get the DVD of a movie I like, I watch all the bonus features.

Not only that, but I really like documentaries too, and I can sit there, and watch 3 hour documentarys about relgion and history. I’ll watch the most “out there” films about subjects that are swept under the rug. About things no one around me knows or cares about. I end up knowing too much. Literally knowing too much, to the point it becomes hard to enjoy a lot of things in life.

I also watch a lot of TV. I used to watch a lot of shows with my dad, and it got to the point, where it took too much time out of my days. I still watch a good amount of shows, but I’ve abandoned some, and some ended or got cancalled, and I’m carefull to add on any more, untile it slowly erodes away out of my life. I cant even watch a show unless I’m also eating dinner or lunch. I figure, if I’m gonna be eating, might as  well watch something while doing it.

You must be exhausted just listening to this.

I’m a huge music geek. I anylize music as much as I do movies. I spend lots of time hunting for interesting, uniqe music. I like all kinds of styles. I go deep into some genres more than others, but I know tons of music now. and its a recent development. I only got into music when I became a freshmen in highschool, because my dad was always showing me music, and then he stopped showing me so much, so I found my own, and developed my tastes. I could go on and on about just one band, much less the genres I like.

My mind is on fire as I wright this right now, I cant get it ALL out of me

I dont just obsesovly listen to music walking to work and at home. I want to make music. I listened to so much Christian hip hop, I can now wright like them, and I explode into ryhmes once in a while. But I never get the time to memorize them, or practice my flow. I come up with stuff at work, but I cant write it down. I decided to write this blog, because I planned to draw tonight, and I ended up reading about a band, and then writing 16 bars, and practiced them to music. All this at 1 in the morning. I recently went to Soulfest, and got inspired to write some melodies and lyrics for Christian alternative rock songs. Its just insane.

I’d love to learn an instrument too. I bought a bass guitar, but I didn’t play it that long. I bought a learning program for my computer, but I didn’t get through the first lesson. There’s just not enough time in a day. Its something I still want to learn in the future.

I guess I’ll just get it all out of me now. So tired

I like to listen to radio, that I download as a podcast. The Alex Jones Show is some of the most compelling, imformative radio I’ve ever heard. Alex is real, and authentic, and the information is hard core. Conspiracy Theory stuff, but I hate that term. All the information is provable and documented. But thats a whole nother Blog post.

I like to listen to it when I draw or play a game. I also like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while drawing. I want to make the most of my time.

and any books I buy, including comics, rarely get read. I have so many books I don’t read, that just sit there in a pile. And its not like I’m not interested in what I’m reading, but it makes me fall asleep. Even when I got a lot of rest. The act of reading always strains my eyes, and makes me want to lay down. So its perfect for helping me fall asleep, but I never get through too much of a good book.

and finally, in addition to drawing, I took a college painting class, and now I want to paint.Yet, out of anything else on this list, it takes the most time. You need a big chunk of uninterrupted time to do a really good painting. It takes a lot of work, effort, and faith. Cuz you could start if off good, mess it up, and then try to fix it, and it could go in a cycle of mess, fix, mess, fix. And after it all, it could end up sucking. You could end up disappointed in it, and you’ll just have to hope someone else will like it and can take it out of your sight. Yet, when its good, its good. Its incredibly rewarding, and can do a lot more than a drawing.

My attempts to organize all this has failed. I move into whatever I feel at the moment, like something I cant control. I guess I could try harder to organize, but I dont know if I’d keep with it. And some things, like video games, have made me feel guilty playing. I always feel like I should be doing something more productive. Something more creative.

And you know what, if our family didn’t live off the government, I could never do all this. Neither could my family. But on the other hand, with what I’ve learned in the recent years, this government is CRIMINAL. Its High Jacked by foriegn off shore banks, run by familys that are obsessed with the occult and Eugenics. And if you dont know what neither of those are, you better find out, its effecting you more than you know. But anyways, I’m disgusted by the fact that I hvae to basically have to live of the mafia to eat every week.

I said in the beggining I didn’t know weather this all was a blessing or a curse. I say its a blessing, because the ability to enjoy and understand art more than the average person is something amazing God has given me. He’s given me talents. He’s made me super creative. He blessed me with ability and understanding beyond what I could have ever imagined. This is how I worship. I can regognize the design and beuty in nature, in his handi-work. More than the non-Christian artist can. My relationship with God enhances my enjoyment of the arts. And in turn, my creation of my own art. Its one of the biggest ways God communicates with me.

But the curse is, I’m almost too aware. To the point where my mind and ability cant keep up with it all. I have so much in me, but I cant get it all out, and its torture. Alex Jones recently said on one of his shows, that “I’m so full filled I can barely stand it”. Thats exactly how I feel. My brain doesn’t do my soul and mind justice.

I could wright more, but I cant sit here all night typing, and you cant sit hear all night reading. Time is a tyranny to me. Theres never enough of it, and even trying to save it takes time. Knowing I only have so much of it is torture too. One of the best lines in Lord of the Rings, is Gandolf telling Frodo “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” And if I waste time, I feel like I made a bad desicion. and I beat myself up for it, maybe more than I should, but I cant stop the emotions that come from regret.

And speacking of regret, I never got my license. I dont even have my permit. This is something that I procrastinated on, and time just flew by, till the next thing I knew, I was 20, and highschool kids know how to drive before I do. I need to change it fast, but it just adds on to the pile. I can sacrifise TV and movies for learning how to drive. But working on my art is harder to put on break. I’d rather do a painting or draw my web comic then read the driver’s manuel over agian untile I memorize enough for the permit test. And finding the time to go out and practice with someone, or saving the money to go to driving school. Its just all so over whelming

I’m at a wired place in my life, very overwhlemed by everything going on in my life, and in the word around me. I’m scared I dont have a future if we dont get people like Ron Paul into office, if we dont stop these globalists. That itself is overwhelming.

The instinct of everyone I talk to about these things, is that God is in control, and that he has plans for me, and he’s preparing me for something. I know all that, but in this storm, I need to get out what I’m feeling, weather its on here, or to people I trust. Then I can look back, and see where God brought me from. and in the midst of this raging storm, both internally and externally, I can have hope it will end someday. I know they’ll be others, but man, it will sure be hard to beat the one I’m in now.


Freedom in Christ

So, I know I cant plan the next blog I’m gonna do, cuz then I don’t wright off the top of my head and I end up missing days. but I decided to site down and wright this, so today, I’m gonna talk about freedom, what that means in America, and what that means in Christianity

I recently watched a Documentary called “The Hidden Faith of our Founding Fathers”. It was by the same people who made the amazing “Lamp in the Dark” which was a history of the Bible, and 3 very long, info packed docs about Free Masonry, the Occult, and secret societies. “The Secret of America’s Beginnings” is the first one. You want a history lesson your not gonna get in school? thats it. Gives you a whole new perspective on America and history in general.

The latest one, about the faith of the founding fathers, through me for a loop a little bit, because it proved that our founding fathers where not true Christians. At least, not the most important ones, like Jefferson, Washington and Franklin. Thomas Pain is the one never mentioned, but his writings, the father’s admitted started the revolution. Their philosophy was an enlightenment, esoteric, ancient pagan philosophy (this stuff is usually similar and jumbled together, ultimately Free Masonry is a universal religion). They believed in God, but not my God. Not Jesus Christ as the savior of the world.

There scientific, rationalist view caused them to reject the miracles in the Bible. Things like the virgin birth and the resurrection. You could say this is understandable, especially coming from that deistic view point. Hey, at least they didn’t believe all of existence was an accident, something coming from nothing. But I don’t think they understood, the purpose of these miracles in a Biblical context. For example, the virgin birth. We were born with the sin nature, in order for Christ to be a perfect sacrifice, he needed to be born with out it. Now, that doesn’t mean he could of lost that purity at anytime in his life. The Bible says he was tempted by the devil in the dessert. But He kept that perfection till his death. The virgin birth is essential to the Cross, just like the Cross is essential for the virgin birth, otherwise he would have died in vain, and not be a perfect sacrifise. Every doctrine connects, and I could go on, but thats just one example.

Also, if you believe that God created the world, and was still involved in its affairs, then it would be no problem to believe that God could do these impossible things. They are small compared to the creation of the universe. I relate it to game design. When I play a video game, I am bound to the rules of the game. there’s areas I cant go to, invisible walls to hit (anybody who’s played games back in the PS2 and Gamecube days remembers those). I cant break those rules. But if I’m the game designer, and I’m on my computer, creating the game, I’m MAKING the rules. I can take down invisible walls, and put them back up. I can manipulate and rework the code in anyway I want, then switch it back. You probably see where I’m going with this.

God is the Game Designer, He made the rules, He can turn them on and off. Now, I’m not sure what example I could have used for the founding fathers. Just the simple fact, that they except that God was powerful enough to bring a universe into existence, how could he not be powerful enough to separate a larg body of water, or raise someone from the dead. God can go into debug mode and change whatever He wants. Yet, the Bible shows he does it with purpose. and He still works today, spiritually and physically. You can feel the wind blow, cant see it, but its an unmistakable gust.

and let me just say, God bless you if you can read all this and still pay attention. Knowledge is a great thing to be addicted to. Thinking is a great thing to be addicted to. theirs not enough of it these days.

So anyways, this documentary, near the end, talks about The Constitution, and it questions weather the first amendment, religious freedom, is actually Biblical. Is this something God would have wanted? The first commandment is worship the Lord your God, the second is to not worship idols. Thats the opposite of “worship who or what ever you want”.

But now, does that mean that we should have a Theocracy, where one religion rules in a nation? No, Christianity cant be spread by force. But on the other hand, the founding fathers were not pro-christianity, and all indications points towards them fighting for the freedom to disbelieve in Christ. Some of them were quite about it, but others were very open about, openly saying that they hoped Christianity would be eradicated.

Now, I liked to believe the founding fathers where Christians. And I used to believe that at least Washington was. But his letters indicate he was a Free Mason, until he converted to Catholicism hours before his death. But it doesn’t stop me from being thankful to them for America and the Constitution. And I’m not saying they weren’t good men either. They were obviously geniuses, all of them. But they were anti-Christian geniuses, and that sucks. I think they missed out on something beautiful and freeing.

The worst part is that organizations like the Wall Builders, trying to argue that this is a Christian nation, is wrong. they would take a quote from a letter, it would sound like its pro Christ, but its Adams and Jefferson talking about how ridiculous it is. I dont know weather these guys are lying or are just confused. I hope they’re just confused. I would like to believe him, but its provably wrong.

This is so long, theirs so much to mention, but if you want to fully understand these things, there is a LOT to cover. The Constitution, and the American Republic, is a form of government, that does a lot right, but the best thing its does, is recognizes, that 1, there is a moral law, and 2, we are created, and that creator gives us freedom, not a government. So its something the government cant take away. And Even though God doesn’t want us to worship idols, he lets us make those mistakes, hoping that we make the right choice. This allows us to believe in Christ, this gives us the freedom, with freedom of speech, to spread the Gospel message. When you enforce belief, no on truly beleives because they do it out of fear (just look at Islam in the Middle East), When you dont enforce beliefe, you can have beliefe, but you have to have disbelief. From a Christian perpective, is that good? no, but if we want the freedom, we have to respectfully let them believe what they want, but both sides need to also allow for discussion and debate, not political correctness, hoping that they choose Christ from the way we live and what we say.

Let me also say, that even though the founding fathers hoped religious freedom would make it so that Christianity would be disbelieved in, quite the opposite happened. The revivals that came a little bit later in the 1800s caused a revolution in the country’s landscape. Protestant Christianity influenced people to build hospitals and schools. American life was shaped by Christian values. Not only that, but the fathers would never have been in the country if it wasn’t for the Pilgrims, who came to America to pracitce Christianity!

You could see it like this. The spiritual war between good and evil will go on untile Christ comes back. The Founding fathers, instead of picking a winner, gave it a battle field. and the war goes back and fourth, pulling punches. In the beginning, Good was winning, but now, in modern times, evil is winning more than good, although good is training and is almost ready to win again

But let me get to the climax of all this. The Constitution affirms your God given freedom. You get to live in a free country. But that could only take you so far. There is another level of freedom, that the Constitution cant give, and that no other world religion or world view can give you. The freedom in Christ, is freedom from guilt and sin and even death. If you want it, you can freely come to God, and be reconciled to him through his son Jesus Christ. Your sins are payed for, and you beat death. You don’t have to live with eternal guilt, or shame. You are forgiven. Everyone wants to be forgiven, to be reconciled to someone they hurt. Imagine, the Founding fathers, they were great, but not perfect, and if they hurt someone, they are never free from that guilt. But for Christians, God even says that He will allow Himself to forget your sins. You get a clean slate, and you get eternal life in paradise.

And because you are forgiven, you are quick to forgive others. And this is the best point

Ephesians 2 8-9

God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.

Free Masons believe its good works. Catholicism believes in good works, and both have class systems. The Priest talking to God for you, and the Pope basically claiming to be God on Earth. Free Masons at different degrees of knowledge. This Elitist structure, where one person is better than the other. Therese no room for that in the Gospel. NO ONE CAN BOAST. Its a free gift. That’s true equality. That’s the real freedom of this world, and its free.